I am Linda Feehery, BSN, RN. I have loved nursing for the last 10 years and served many walks of life, young and old, families, veterans, all very dear to me. I had hoped to help those I served to heal and move into health and well-being. Often though I found they were in a cycle within their own illness and unable to move out of it. In my own health and wellness journey, I began to notice issues that I did not want to remain with. As I learned about and began to address conditions from a root cause perspective through functional medicine, nutrition and other health modalities, I began to find the health I was hoping for. I have learned there are many components of health that all affect the others and true health and wellness comes from balancing all of them.

I live in San Antonio Texas, married to my high school sweetheart and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I am certified in Holistic Nursing, Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching, RN Patient Advocacy, and Emotional Resolution.

I am excited and hopeful to help others find the health and wellness they desire through nurse coaching and advocacy.